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“Carla Savetsky has been one of my favorite ‘go to’ women’s healthcare experts in NYC. And I have been thrilled to have such an important resource to which to refer those of you who desire true holistic women’s healthcare.”
Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, Bantam Press



The Five Mindset Shifts You Need to Overcome Any Health Challenge, and Live Fully.

Are you struggling with your health?

I know what it feels like to have a persistent health issue that keeps you from living your full potential. I also know the freedom and  empowerment that comes from finding a holistic solution that ushers in true healing. Imagine what can happen when you stop managing your health condition, and make the decision that real healing is possible for you. This is a powerful shift — when everything can turn around, and magic happens! 

If you’ve visited far too many doctors, but were offered only drugs and violating procedures…or far too many alternative practitioners with treatments that gave only partial relief…it may be time to explore on a deeper level, with a Master Healer who understands how healing really works.

If your feminine health issue has been dragging you down, with no clear resolution in sight, it’s time for a more enlightened approach. This includes treating not only your physical symptoms with the highest-quality natural remedies, but also shifting underlying emotional and energetic imbalances that have kept your dis-ease process from resolving.

Have you been struggling with:

Hormonal Imbalance
Bad Periods
HPV/Cervical Dysplasia
Pelvic Pain
Breast Cancer
Poor Gut Health
Mystery Illness
Chronic Fatigue

And feeling stuck in areas, such as:

Painful Relationships
Mother Wound
Life Purpose Issues
Narcissist/Codependent dynamics
Being Highly Sensitive
History of Trauma
Emotional Eating Patterns
Birth Trauma
Sexual Trauma
2nd chakra Issues

You see, your health condition and emotional burdens are not separate, especially if you’re a highly-sensitive, spiritually evolved woman. For us, emotional and spiritual challenges manifest through our bodies. Your healing lies in partnering with your inner wisdom, to understand and address the root cause of your ailment. From here, I’ll help you grab hold of your vision for thriving, and clear all that’s standing in the way.

 I’ll show you see where your bodily symptoms are held up within the emotional and energetic realms, deciphering the “soul lessons” that are being expressed. Together, we will unravel the entanglements that have kept your health issue from fully resolving, and show you how to meet the challenges to usher in lasting transformation. 

And here’s the best news of all: once these patterns are cleared from your system, and your health problems fully resolve, your life will take off in ways you’ve only dreamed of.

“When I first called Carla, I was emotionally overwhelmed, disoriented, scared and hopeless. With her exquisite support, I’ve developed a deep understanding and connection to my personal truth. I’ve found safety in my body, healed my relationship with my mother, let go of a romantic relationship that wasn’t right for me, and lost the incessant noise of anxiety and insecurity constantly in the background. Now, I feel more at peace and powerful than ever, and have arrived in my own flow. And…my latest ultrasound found that my uterine fibroid has completely disappeared! In short, this investment has given me greater returns than is possible to quantify. At my own pace, and with such patience and kindness, Carla has guided me toward a life of deep meaning, unconditional love, trust, and true happiness.”
Nilaya Sabnis

Dancer and Photographer

Here’s how the healing works:

1) Assessment and Diagnosis: the first step is an in-depth intake that includes your health history, constitutional type, overview of lifestyle, relationship dynamics, history of trauma, and family of origin issues. This initial phase may also include energetic processes to diagnose mysterious symptoms that have remained elusive. Deep, intuitive listening and energy work are other means of determining the underlying roots of your health issues.

2) Healing Protocol: An individualized plan of nutritional, herbal and dietary recommendations. Together, we create your vision/goals for health and thriving, which guides your path to full healing.

3) Unearth the beliefs, emotional patterns and underlying energetics: And all that’s blocking your vision for thriving and health.

4) Clearing the Path: with Flower Essence Therapy and Wisdom Counseling, Parts Work, EFT, Belief work, Mindset shifts and other potent processes.

5) On-going Support and Accountability: Trust and intimacy is established through a strong and safe container for the healing work to proceed. On-going sessions, daily email support, homework assignments, meditations and journaling exercises facilitate your continued growth and transformation.

Carla’s combination of her innate wisdom, life experience, and medical and herbal knowledge all work together to create an environment in which true healing can happen on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual. I can’t imagine going through all the changes my 40s have brought without her.
Tami S.

Stay-At-Home-Mom and Entrepreneur

“Carla is my secret weapon! I was suffering with hormonal imbalance, perimenopause and emotional eating patterns. She has helped me with all that and more. Her combination of holistic gynecologist, intuitive healer, wisdom sharer, and coach for transitions and transformations are so powerful. Love her!”
Debbie K.

Writer, Consultant, and New York Times Best Selling Author

Successful Healing Stories

HPV and High Grade Cervical Dysplasia – HEALED!

I came to Carla after many years of receiving abnormal pap smear results, with cervical dysplasia that had progressed from low grade to high grade. With much patience and care, Carla guided me through a regimen of healing, including supplements that would boost my immune system and heal hormonal imbalances, suppositories to reverse the abnormalities in my cervix, and dietary recommendations to support this shift. She also did healing work to clear traumas that were preventing my body from healing itself. Everything Carla did worked! Not only did I feel amazing from the diet shifts and supplements, but my cervical abnormal cells completely cleared! My most recent test results showed that my high grade cells reversed to completely normal. She’s a miracle worker! I highly recommend Carla to anyone who wants to avoid invasive procedures and take a holistic approach to healing themselves. She is compassionate and kind, and approaches her recommendations with patience and care. She is a gem!
~ Angelina G.

Infertility (told adoption or donor egg were her only options) – HEALED!

“After three years of trying to conceive, I had basically given up hope. We went to fertility “specialists” who performed 4 failed IUIs and 3 failed IVFs. At that point we were told that we should look into adoption and egg donation, and they shooed us out of their office as quickly as they could. After that traumatic experience I turned to a naturopath. After a few months taking supplements, she saw that my FSH, which was high, didn’t seem to be changing. So, she too gave up. Needless to say, when I came to Carla, I was distraught and hopeless. From the minute I started working with Carla she gave me something I was deeply missing—hope. She said the thing that deep down I believed all along, despite the fact that I was repeatedly told the opposite. Carla explained to me that my body wasn’t broken and that there was something else holding me back and so we began the healing process. After working with Carla for 5 months with dietary changes, herbs, flower essences and deep emotional work, she told me I was ready, and that I had done all of the work I needed, so she gave me a special essence that was for conception. That month my husband and I naturally conceived twins. I can’t thank Carla enough for helping bring these beautiful girls into my life and for helping us grow our family.”

Painful, Heavy Periods – HEALED!

“I would like to let you know that I saw a really big difference during this month’s period! I hardly had any cramps at all. And, no clotting! It did not slow me down like it has in the past. I was out at the march in NYC with my friends and family, and when they heard that I had my period they were amazed because they are all so used to me having to hunker down at home for a few days. A few of them even told me I looked radiant and glowing, definitely NOT anything anyone has ever told me when I was menstruating. Great change!”
~ Yvonne W.

Chronic Vaginal Infections – HEALED!

“After years and years of chronic yeast infections, constipation, and sinus infections, I was on an almost daily regimen of very toxic drugs and I didn’t want to continue living in that way. I initially thought Carla would only be able to help me with my chronic yeast, but she taught me that all of my symptoms were connected and that through the dietary changes and herbs she recommended, all of my conditions would improve. Well I felt completely better rapidly, and haven’t taken any medication since! Carla’s healing powers are immediate. Her energy is so calming, reassuring and wise. Her intuitive wisdom, kindness, caring, and comprehensive knowledge of women’s struggles both medically and emotionally is profound.”
~ Julie

Pelvic Pain and PMS – HEALED!


About Carla

Carla is a Master Healer and Medical Professional turned Women’s Health Guru. She is a writer, singer, lover of truth and wisdom, and a life-long spiritual seeker. She began her medical career delivering babies on the busy labor and delivery floor of New York Hospital Queens, and later developed a Holistic Gynecology practice at the Continuum Center for Health and Healing, an Integrative Medical Center in New York City. In 2004, she created her holistic business: Natural Healing for Women, LLC, to help women resolve health issues with natural remedies, and by examining and releasing the underlying emotional, psycho-spiritual and energetic patterns of dis-ease. Carla is a nutritional counselor, Herbalist and Flower Essence Practitioner. She has sat on the board of directors of the Fertility Awareness Center, and has lectured extensively about women’s health issues and natural healing, on both television and radio. Carla currently lives in Amherst, MA with her teenage son and pet schnoodle.